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The Plane Crazy R/C Club (PCRC) is one of the most successful AMA R/C clubs in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Founded over 25 years ago in 1987, the club has an active and dynamic membership that flies all kinds of R/C aircraft from park flyers to all sizes of electric-powered and piston-powered aircraft. We welcome you to visit with us at our flying field, or our monthly membership meeting – and learn more about our great club and this exciting hobby. Click any of the above tabs for more specific information about the club, our flying field location, our membership process, and how to contact us. See 'ya at the field!

Upcoming Events and Notices

Monday, April 20 - Monthly Meeting
Location - At the flying Field

Sunday, May 17 - Fun Fly, Club Picnic
Location - At the flying Field. Open flying, eat at 12:45.

Saturday, August 15 - National Model Aviation Day Open House
This year our fundraising open house will be for a local charity (yet to be defined).

Sunday, September 15 - Fun Fly, Club Picnic
Location - At the flying Field. Open flying, eat at 12:45.

Minutes from the March meeting of PCRC;

The March meeting of PCRC was very topic filled.

Treasurer Chuck Thomas presented a very healthy financial report and announced that the Club has 44 regular members and one junior member. Chuck had also inspected the field and deemed it suitable for flying but advised members to keep their vehicles up as close to the fence line surrounding the pits as possible as the lower part of the parking lot is a little muddy.

Our Spring "Work Day" was announced for Saturday, April 11th... members are asked to assist that day to prepare the field for this season of flying.

Dates were chosen for our Spring and late-Summer FUN FLY events..... The first will be held Sunday May 17th... the latter on Sunday Sept. 13th.

A lengthy topic of discussion was the Club's participation in AMA's "National Model Aviation Day". The merits of holding an "open house" are indisputable based on the results the past two years. The issue was raised by more than one member present that the affiliation with the "Wounded Warrior Project" was a serious issue. Members are all obviously in favor of support to returning troops in need but the track record of the WWP is well-publicized with regards to what actual percentage of the monies raised gets to where it needs to go or gets chewed up with "overhead". It was determined members would seek out other LOCAL charities where the money would be better spent and we would discuss and determine an outcome at the next meeting.

Dan Rodgers brought up the new FAA regulations and his concern for the future of our flying field in it current location -- proximity to the airport. It was agreed we need further clarification on the rules and to perhaps begin at least a passive search for a new site should the new regs give us issues.

Regular Monthly Meetings
All monthly meetings until Fall will be held at the flying Field

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